Why Matte + Juliette?

…because having problematic skin sucks. That’s why. I’ve always had troubled skin; over 2 decades, I’ve tried tons of different over-the-counter and prescription products. Finally, I decided to give up on all of those expensive products that dermatologists kept on recommending. Surprisingly, I found that my skin started to improve without the harsh chemicals and my skin reacted to natural products so much better. That’s why I’ve decided to develop a website where people coupld find natural products for skin types like my own. That means, these are products that I trust to use on my own skin and to give to my family to use.         –Juliette

What Are These Products Really About?

It’s about doing something for yourself. That something is the thing that will help you have confidence to go out and face the world. Skin is the largest organ and if we’re not happy with it, we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to hide it. Unfortunately, most products out on the market contain a lot of harsh chemicals that don’t help our situation any better. Overdoing it by putting unhealthy things on your skin can cause aging, acne, discoloration, and even cause your body to increase oil production. Oil is one of the worst things that happens on your face and is the cause of a lot of skin problems. Hence, Matte + Juliette. I love having a smooth, matte look when I go out. Not only does it look good, it actually feels good not having your face weighed down by excess oil. The products I created here, were purposefully made to counter this skin issue and give you a chance at seeing the beauty that is you!

I do my due diligence in research when developing a new product. There’s a purpose for every ingredient used and I will definitely make a point of sharing it all with you so that you can be confident in your choice. Check out the blog for more information on the ingredients I use in my products. Say goodbye to shiny faces!


To learn more about what Matte + Juliette envisions, visit out Mission + Values page.