Yes! We restock sold out products. We try to keep everything in stock, but occasionally, some products may sell quicker than we anticipated. You can still purchase out of stock items and we will ship them out as soon as they are back in stock. Usually, no more than 5-7 days. If an item is out of stock, you will be notified.
All Matte + Juliette branded products along with other brands that are sold on our site are made as naturally as possible.

The only unnatural ingredients listed on our products are mica, for coloring of some make-up products and lye, because bar soaps cannot be made without it. However, there is no lye in the finished soap bar because of the chemical reactions that happen during saponification (process of making soap). If there are any other unnatural ingredients, you will find it in the description of the products. We truly aim not to have anything else though, unless the product is just too good not to use.

Since we do not use preservatives in our soap bars, there is a quicker expiration date than store-bought soap bars. It can be kept 6 months, unused and dry. Once you use it, the bar should be used up within 2 months. However, that should be pretty easy because the sizes of the soap are made to last you through one month of using it twice a day, every day. We wash our face twice a day, don’t we?
Clay is a natural occurring substance. The powder that you are receiving has just been dehydrated and grounded. If you keep the jars dry and uncontaminated, you can keep it for a long time. We recommend not keeping it more than 2 years though. To keep the clay powder mix uncontaminated, make sure to use a clean, dry spoon every time.

If you purchase a premixed clay mask, it can last you several years as well. Make sure that you don’t contaminate it with dirty spoons, double dipping, or your fingers. When stored properly in a dry, cool space, you can keep using it for years. We recommend no more than 2 years. The mixed clay masks only come with ingredients that won’t cause quick deterioration, such as vitamin C, Cacao, and essential oils. Once water touches these ingredients, it will start to break down. That is why we sell these natural masks as dry powders so that you can mix a fresh batch every time.

We will be listing sample sizes of clay masks soon, but for now, please contact us if there is something that you would like to try.

We sell 5g containers for $1 each + $1 for shipping or 6 for $5 +free shipping. 

Orders and Returns

If you’re sure that you’ve entered the correct login information and still can’t log in, contact us via email, chat, or the contact form. We’ll be happy to help you figure this out.
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and PayPal. Order data is encrypted so all credit card information is safe and secure.
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns because of the nature of our products. Since these are cosmetic products, we won’t be able to restock products that have been previously purchased. However, if the product is defective, we will offer a replacement product.
As previously mentioned, we only accept returns for defective products. If your product is defective, please send us a description and photo of the defective product to matte.juliette [at], within 7 days of receiving the product. Buyer pays for return shipping costs.
At this time, we do not run a rewards program, but it is definitely in our future plans!
You can change or cancel your order within 6 hours of placing it. We try to ship it out as quickly as we can, so if you would like to change it, message us through the contact form here. 
If you receive the wrong product or are missing a product simply Email us with a photo of your wrong order and order #. We’ll gladly fix the problem, ASAP.
If you have a defective product, please Email us with a photo of the defective product and order #. We’ll work on fixing the order immediately.


Shipping is calculated before you checkout. Once you’re done shopping, go to the shopping cart page and enter your zip code to estimate the cost of shipping. We ship through USPS, UPS and FedEx, whichever is the most affordable option for your package size and weight.

Handling costs are already calculated into the price of the product, there is no additional cost for handling a standard order.

We currently only ship to US addresses.
Once you place the order, the processing time for our warehouse is 2-3 business days. Depending on the shipping method you choose, it would be 1 to 5 business days for the delivery time. USPS does delivery to most residential addresses on Saturday.
Once your order has shipped, you will receive a separate email notifying you of the shipment and your tracking number. If you registered an account on at the time of placing the order, you can check the tracking there as well. Go to My Account>Orders, then click on the order number that you would like to track. There will be an orange button at the top of the order details where you can track the package.