Our Mission

The mission of Matte + Juliette is to provide effective, natural skin care products specifically for oily, sensitive and problem-skin types. In addition, we will use the business as a means to make an impact on our community. This means that portions of the profit will be used to support education and small businesses that are run by women. In offering natural products, we also use this business platform to promote a natural beauty that is not just skin deep. We’ll work to promote self-worth in individuals of the above generation, this generation and the next generations to come.

The Diamond Standards of Business

Juliette attends a Christian church in Southern California that encourages its members to live by the Diamond Standards. These are a set of standards that are according to the Bible. Her business values are not set apart from her personal values; that is why this business will run by these Diamond Standards, as well:

Character We represent Jesus Christ, both at and away from church.

Teamwork* We consistently work together as a team and build each other up in a positive way.

Connection* We connect with our customers, offering delightful customer service and doing what we can in the community.

Graciousness We communicate with others with courtesy and respect.

Love We walk in love with everyone — even unreasonable people. We treat others the way we like to be treated.

Unity We are peacemakers. We quench criticism and gossip, and resolve conflicts quickly with gracious yet forthright communication to the appropriate individuals, not by complaining to others.

Extraordinary Service* We strive to notice – and even anticipate – the needs of others. We will answer customer questions to the best of our ability and do what we can to get things done for our customer.

Diligence* We work efficiently and in a timely manner, meeting necessary deadlines and responding to customer inquiries

Cleanliness* We maintain personal hygiene and keep our work areas clean and organized. We don’t walk by trash without picking it up and throwing it away.

Stewardship We do a lot with a little. We protect God’s resources by conserving energy and supplies and properly maintaining and locking our facilities.

Safety We strive to maintain a safe and accident-free environment. We attend to accidents immediately to assure proper care and documentation (incident reports).

A Thankful People We are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ, even in adversity. We will not allow ourselves to forget His goodness.

Joy We spread joy, have fun and make things fun around here.

*These standards have been modified to be relevant to business activities

JulietteChief Executive Officer

“At Matte + Juliette, we see beauty in many forms. We don’t condone body-shaming, cyber bullying, or any other thing that puts others down. I see beauty in intelligence, generosity, selfless acts, encouragement, random acts of kindness, doing things for others without expecting anything in return, helping out a person, no matter how underserving they might seem, taking the time to get to know someone instead of judging them… amongst many others. Whether you’re a man or woman, we should all be supportive of one another to make the world a better place, starting with the small community around ourselves.”